Discover the physical exercises to do after a break

Today, we are fortunate to welcome "Al" who is the co-director of the site and who will enlighten us on how to get better after a break.

If he often deals with the issues: How to build fast muscles or how to have abdominals, he has kindly agreed to give his opinion to help you perform physical exercises after a break!

4 activities to get better after a break

After a painful breakup, it is very important to optimize the resources and activities that will get you out of your malaise.
In times of depression, you tend to want to do nothing and perhaps avoid external contact. This is completely normal.

Yet, it is well outside of your comfort that solutions and answers are found! In order to act towards a solution, an escape after a rupture, an answer, everyone has his method. There are 4 major outdoor activities:

1- Call your friends and go out with them.
2- Go shopping, new haircuts, expenses etc ...
3- To travel, to leave, to escape ...
4- Sport, you let off steam.

Generally, you test them all, but each one to his preference.

The benefits of sport after a break

Wondering why play sports? There are 2 main reasons, which are:

  • By performing a sports activity you stimulate a hormone in your body called endorphin, it is she who brings the feeling of well-being in your body. Moreover, when you depress alone at home, your endorphin production is greatly reduced.
  • Similarly, by performing a sport, you will stimulate serotonin which is responsible for good mood. When you stay at home and you have negative thoughts, you influence the secretion of serotonin, so your mood.

The benefits on your body of an activity are multiple. You must not neglect them!

Regarding sport and physical activity, it is important to choose it well because, going outside is good, but if it is to stay alone, think and grieve in it's not the best way to go about it, but it's usually the easiest and most of the way to which most of you will go.

What kind of activities to practice after a break

There are 2 main groups of activities available to you: individual sports activities and activities in which you interact with other people.

Individual sports activities

I present to you a non exhaustive list of these activities, even I advise you rather to carry out collective activities.

- Work out room
- Jogging
- Bike
- Elliptical bike
- Swimming
- Ski and sliding sports
- Hiking
- Exercise at home: pumps, abs etc.

Collective activities

In my opinion, it is better to focus on the activities in which you are interacting with people and you need to communicate to participate, so collective sports, sports cooperations:

- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Frisbee
- Baseball
- Hockey
- Rugby
- Group lessons in gym

And combat sports after a breakup?

Combat sports such as judo, karate or boxing are individual sports but oppositions in which you are with a partner / opponent. In the same way, the dance (zumba for example which is in fashion) is often done individually but a cooperation work is possible and it is what will allow you to feel good after a break.
I advocate them as well.

It is for this reason that I recommend some sites like "", which offer common outings between strangers. You will find all types of activities: from the exhibition to the opera through Pic Nic, to finish the sport.

The goal is to go out, share and participate in an activity you want to discover or love.

Although the process may seem marginal, it is not at all once you have taken the step and you have tried an exit. I myself have already practiced a Frisbee activity via this site which was very friendly and warm. People on this site are not necessarily closed or "special" people, you will find all types of profiles, as in everyday life.

In summary !

  • - Stimulate your good mood, your feeling of pleasure and well-being through a sporting activity
  • - Do a group activity or cooperation preferably.

Which sport activity do you prefer to let off steam after a break or a painful event? Leave your comment just below.
I would answer without fail.



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